Friday, March 22, 2013

Experimenting with movies

 The Wildlife and Parks burned south of our house yesterday. I made a short movie of the crazy smoke rolls and now am experimenting on ways to post to the blog. Yesterday I used YouTube for the snow, but I didn't see it open on my Apple phone. So, I am using another program.

We didn't burn our pasture. It is early for grass. I believe the  KWP are burning early to get better control of the brush.

Note after evaluation:

Well, I'm not sure I like this way of posting a movie either.  The YouTube movie did show up on my phone, I didn't wait long enough.  I also notice I didn't remove the audio!  Sorry about that.  The only way I can hear audio on my computer is through ear phones & I must not have put them on when making the snow movie. Actually, I'm not sure how many of these movies I will put on here.  I like still pictures better.

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