Thursday, March 07, 2013

Eight hour road trip—no problem

Since we were bringing an extra vehicle out to Colorado, I had eight hours in the car by myself.  I had an audio book that I looked forwarded to hearing, but I started listening to podcasts and never got to the book.

I listened to a couple episodes of the History Chicks (thank you Sylvie for giving me a heads up on these interesting stories). However, two segments of This American Life were a true learning experience.  It will take two hours to listen to both.  It is worth it.

Taken from their web site, This American Life is “First person stories and short fiction pieces that are touching, funny and surprising. Produced by WBEZ Public Media and distributed by Public Radio International.” 

Harper School is located on the south side of Chicago.  The stories gathered there were sad and shocking.  Especially since I’ve lived my entire life rural Kansas.  During these two hours we learn about the violence these young people have to endure each day and about those who are trying to just get by and those who do not live beyond it.

So, here are the links:  #487: Harper High School Part One  and  #488 Harper High School Park Two

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