Saturday, March 30, 2013

Best Water in Kansas

It probably isn’t surprising that the Kansas Rural Water Convention had a contest to find the best drinking water in Kansas. 

This is one judging I would like to watch.  I don’t know how many rural water districts there are in Kansas.  Let’s just guess 50.  How can someone drink 50 samples of water and pick the best?  Like I said, it would be interesting.

The first place winner last year should be noted because they went on to be the second place winner nationally.  Emporia!  So, if good tasting water is a priority,  move to Emporia.  I think it was in a category called  “public wholesale water”, which would be any water in a city or rural water district I would assume.

The 2013 best water in Kansas was won by either Cunningham or Augusta.  I wrote both names down.  If they both were mentioned, there is good water both places.

I’m sure any water drawn from wells would win out over water like ours, drawn from a lake and treated.  Still, I think our water is pretty good. 

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