Saturday, March 02, 2013

75 degrees and clothes on the line…


No, we’re home.  I’m talking about the basement. 

I have two retractable clotheslines in the basement.  There is space for any size load of laundry and I hang most of it down there to dry.  I realize retirement allows me extra time to do this, although I am not sure how much longer it takes if folding time is considered.  Definitely it works best when there is a fire in the stove. 

My reasoning is the wet clothes put moisture in the house.  I am not pulling warm air out of the house using the dryer. 

One drawback.  The clothes are stiff as a board.  We’re used to it. 

What do you think of the window?  Last year we had to replace the two double hung windows there.  Since we never opened the windows, Dan had the idea to buy an inexpensive single exterior sliding glass door and install it sideways.  It provides lots of light—works great.

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