Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thunder snow and Round One

Even with the severity, beauty and measurement,  the most talked about happening in the recent storm was thunder.  It was unexpected and exciting, definitely a crack and a “pop.”  It was close, but I didn’t realize how close until I discovered no internet later.  Glad it was only the internet and not the computer.

Here is the picture I texted friends Dwight and Cheryl wondering how the weather was in the Keys where they are parked in their RV.  Cheryl responded 72 and sunny. 


Friday morning was lovely.  I considered pulling on my snow gear and tromping around for some good shots.  Instead, I shot out of windows and doors. 



Later in the day we took the ole Rickster out for a little ride around the backroads just for old times sake. 


On another note, I like the ability to text message.  It works great to communicate a thought.  I don’t think Kim will mind me sharing our communication this morning.

Kim:  Ready for round 2?

Thinking she was talking about coming down to visit this afternoon, I respond

Linda:  You bet!!

Sometime around 3:30, it dawns on me….

She was talking about round 2 storm.  I called her and we had a laugh.  The answer is still the same.  You bet, we are ready for round 2. 

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