Thursday, February 07, 2013

Should we worry?

It all started when I happened to glance north around 9:00 am this morning.  It was raining.  And, a man was walking down our driveway, wet, not dressed for the weather.  For those who haven’t been here, we live about three tenths of a mile off of the main road—far enough that we can’t see who goes by on the road.

Maybe it is all the violence that has occurred lately, but the whole thing scared me.  Dan went to the door and invited him in.  He needed to use a phone.  (He was a young man—who doesn’t have a cell phone anymore?)  Anyway, he used Dan’s cell phone to call a person who needed directions to get here from somewhere near Baldwin. 

Meanwhile, I was in the bedroom being very quiet.  I did not want him to know I was here. 

He was parked nearly a mile away, down one of the roads to the river.  Dan ended up trying to help him get his truck started, then taking him to Globe to meet his ride who was a lady with a small child, which eased my concern.

Dan said he seemed nice enough, very quiet.  Probably we wouldn’t have thought too much more about it, except

our mail was stolen out of the mailbox today 

And, the truck is no longer where it was parked….


Bonnie from Iowa said...

OMG! This is why I never answer the door to someone I don't know. And I live in a small town....know almost everybody as my husband is the mayor. I can't help but think they lured Dan away to get in your house. You were lucky that didn't happen! Men are more trusting and I think my husband would have done the same as Dan did.

Linda said...

Bonnie--you know, we didn't even think of that until our neighbor suggested the same thing. The whole thing was so strange. We have the number of the person who picked the guy up. I'm thinking of doing a little checking with that information.