Monday, February 04, 2013

Another Birthday? Yep, mine!

It’s been one of the best—but then I say that every year.  I do love birthdays.  Here’s how mine went down.

The celebration started last night when a few friends gathered for the Super Bowl and sometime after it was over, I got a Happy Birthday song.  They told me I looked flustered because I was singing to myself.  Actually, I think I had one too many wine spritzers.

First thing this morning I sat down at the computer with my cup of coffee to check the news.  Who knew the mighty Google would know to wish me a Happy Birthday?


Later this morning, Christi took time out of her day to give me a much needed haircut and a little visiting time. 

Then, Dan and I enjoyed  lunch at Sue’s.  She served Crab Bisque with homemade Swedish Rye bread, wine, and Gingerbread with lemon sauce for dessert.  No gourmet restaurant could have served anything more delicious. Here is her table.  Her gift, besides the wonderful meal?—the best popcorn around that can’t be purchased again until next summer.


While Sue and I visited, Dan ran over to Target to get the Sodastream kit they had on sale this week. (Thanks Drue for the heads up)  I like to think it is our gift to one another, but I think I like sparkling water better than Dan.  I guess Sodastream had a commercial ready for the Super Bowl but it was cut because Pepsi and Coke didn’t like it. 

Then it was over to our local family where Kim, Aaron, Adam and Evan (Marc had a meeting) finished off the day in style with a Baskin Robbins ice cream pie.


As always, a highlight of any special day around here is to open the mailbox and find letters addressed to me!  Love those cards.   I also found birthday greetings from friends, many high school, on Facebook.  It is fun to hear from not only those I see regularly but friends from years past.

As Dean, one of those high school friends, and writes Ontario Wanderer found on the sidebar,  said on his Facebook post, “The nice thing about getting older is getting older.”  So true, Dean!  It was a good day.

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Ontario Wanderer said...

Oh,oh, Now I will have to write in my blog more often if you are sending people there.

Glad you had such a great birthday. Keep on having them!