Monday, February 25, 2013

And, it begins. Take a look

It is 2:12 pm and the snow begins.  The storm carries a lot of hype—we’ll see

Which is a perfect lead in to an excellent State of Kansas, Department of Transportation web site I found recently.  The picture below is a screen shot of the web site with the camera at BETO Junction which is about 40 miles south on Hwy 75.  I chose this camera because the storm is moving our way from this direction.

If you look closely, the camera time says 2:13:53pm.  So the pictures are almost real time pictures of what is going on across Kansas.  Each place there is a little camera on the map, there is a web shot.  Some of them are positioned under lights so there are night shots as well.

Kansas Cameras 

Click here for the web site and bookmark or save it to your home screen if you are as  curious about actual weather conditions as I am. 

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