Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Flowers

Thank goodness, despite winter, there are flowers to enjoy.  Here are what’s blooming at my house.

My poinsettias continue to look beautiful.  Everyone knows the leaves aren’t flowers, but my plants make cold days feel cheery. I try to keep them in direct sunlight and the dirt damp.  So far I haven’t lost any leaves.

IMG_2245This is a milkweed plant given to me by neighbor Chip.  He has a large plant and started this one from it.  It is a Crown Flower milkweed, native to Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Sir Lanka, India and China. Hawaiian Queen Liliuokalani wore the flowers strung into leis.

IMG_2339 I have two geraniums, both have blooms that look like they are about ready to pop open.

IMG_2344 Last, but not least, the Peace Lily shot up this flower out of the clear blue.  About two months ago, I was quite aggressive in pruning this plant.  I guess it liked it.

The Christmas cactus bloomed around the first of the year.  I think it is finished for a while. 

Remember back in the 70s they supposedly did a study that proved talking to house plants made them grow and flourish.  I don’t actually talk to them, but they do get a lot of attention.  And, they are looking good.

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