Friday, January 04, 2013

Look closely, how many?


Deer winter season continues until January 13th, but not on Wildlife and Parks areas, which is where this group is gathered.     I doubt they are smart enough to know to stay on the KWPs areas right now but sometimes we wonder.

The deer in the picture are about 375 yards from our back sliding door.  When we saw them gathered this morning, I gently slid open the door and snapped about five pictures.  It appears from their sudden alertness they either heard the door open or my camera click. If they did hear me, that is amazing at that distance.  Count 8?

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Anonymous said...

i say 9. Looks to be one in the shawdows on the bottom group. Right in the middle of the picture. Look just to the left of the darkest deer in the bottom group. . . MH