Saturday, January 26, 2013

Colorado, of course

We have an opportunity to visit our Colorado family a couple days while Kim attends a continuing education class in Denver.  As usual, always fun to be around family.

Kim drove her car and insisted on driving.  I think Dan has enjoyed the opportunity to be in the passenger seat the whole trip for a change.  The eight hours went quickly because I had earphones in my ear almost the entire time.  I am listening to Defending Jacob, an excellent book.  I might be able to finish it on the way home.

I had the opportunity to watch Carly practice her gymnastics last night—a four hour practice.  Those little girls work hard.  No pictures because I forgot my camera.  I know, hard to believe.

This morning Carly & I painted glasses.  Maybe I’ll get a good picture tomorrow. 

This afternoon Trent played two basketball games.  I think his league setup is unique.  A group of boys form the league, I’m not sure how many.  There are a set number of coaches who volunteer.  Then the boys are mixed each week as well as have a different coach.  Drue says the practices are very structured and involve all the boys.  I have to think this is an excellent learning situation for these upper elementary age boys—very fair and lets the boys play with all their friends.


Not many plans for tomorrow.  The forecast says colder here so it might involve sitting in front of the fire and a few games. 

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