Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chapman High School Basketball

Dan and I graduated from Chapman High school. Now around 50 years later, Zach, Wayne (brother) and Ruth’s grandson is playing basketball there.  He is around 6’6” and a talented player.


Here is Zach, No. 32, in traffic, putting one down. 

We are looking forward to seeing him play two more times besides tonight at a tournament at Royal Valley High School at Hoyt.  Tonight they played  Wabaunsee High School (Alma) and tomorrow Royal Valley and Saturday Pleasant Ridge from Easton Kansas.

Zach’s sister Jessie plays on the girls team, but she has an injury.  She is playing varsity as a Freshman so we will have a chance to see her play again but this is Zach’s last year. 

These may be 4A schools, but there is athleticism, talent and desire to win as in any high school in the state.

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