Monday, January 21, 2013

Basketball to Music

Aaron and Adam attended the String Fling again this year.  Kansas State University sponsors the day and half learning experience open to orchestra members.
Aaron’s group was first. 
IMG_2411 Here he is in the far back row with his bass.  Not sure what he was signaling here—maybe that his instrument is turned.  His conductor teaches in Olathe Public Schools.  We all thought he probably could relate well to the junior high age kids with his sense of humor with the music.  Here is the entire group.
IMG_2414 Adam’s group played in the 2nd session.  Here he is with his viola.
He also had a young man as a conductor.  I didn’t take note of where he teaches.  He said he had been a participating member of the String Fling only a few years back. 
Adam’s group.
It is amazing that the group members did not see the music they played this morning until they arrived on Saturday morning.   Impressive how much they were able to accomplish in a short time. 
I have a glitch in processing the video/audio I took of the event.  If I get it figured out, I’ll be posting that later.


Pablo said...

Is there anything your grandsons can't do?

Kim said...

Yes Pablo. They can't clean their rooms or pick up after themselves in the kitchen without being asked - Every. Single. Time! Kim

Anonymous said...

Pable & Kim Our Grandkids are extremely talented:) Linda