Saturday, December 22, 2012

Those little gifts

I just want to say, as I do each year, how much I appreciate the cards and letters we receive from family and friends.  These truly are special little gifts that I read & look at all year, especially the pictures.  It is an investment of time and, anymore, money to send Christmas cards.

Sending cards is still a part of my Christmas season.  Partly, of course, because I look forward to receiving them.  I also send cards because writing them brings me pleasure.  I actually do look forward to the card project each year and usually only send three or four each day.  Connecting or reconnecting with family and friends is part of the Spirit of the Season for me. 

I realize not everyone has time to send Christmas cards.  I sent  electronic greetings a time or two when I was working.  Actually, they are personal, meaningful, and even pictures can be inserted.  They just don’t work too well on my bulletin board.

One of the reasons I have stayed with this blog rather than move to Facebook is I like the idea of not really knowing who stops by each day.  Since I can’t say it personally,  I will just say to all, have a Joyous Christmas and a fun and healthy New Year.


Pablo said...

yeah, Facebook can be the death of blogs. It's a strange new world we're staggering into.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by, Pablo. I check in at Roundrock as well. At least you will be running instead of staggering. You are an incentive. Linda