Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Pond is finished


I realize this picture doesn’t show much.  However, I am standing on the back deck looking southeast if that gives perspective.  The east gate post on the south fence is on the very right side of the picture.

It isn’t going to be a big pond, considering surface water.  It is deep—maybe over ten feet.  I am disappointed in the final dirt covering.  While the clay-like soil will be good for holding water, I am afraid it won’t be growing beautiful grass. 

Alan, the machine operator has a great deal of experience with all forms of dirt work.  He recommends we plan wheat as soon as possible.  It will hold the sides until next spring when we can plant grass.

Note:  The pond I wrote about several weeks ago is our neighbor’s.  The Cat is leaving our pond for another local destination.  There is some talk we have a “keep up with the Jone’s” pond thing going in the neighborhood.  I do know, when words gets around there is ground being moved, there is at least one or two visitors a day checking it out.

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