Friday, December 21, 2012


I used to think of a podcast as a spoken blog.  At least that is what they seemed like years ago when I first listened to a few. 

Lately, I’ve been checking out what is out there again.  I am amazed and a little hooked.  Apple as its own app simply called, “Podcasts.”  It is free.  There is a place for searches.  Just type in a topic and check it out.  I like “This American Life” from NPR. 

Rick Steves has a travel podcast site which is very interesting.  I am also signed up for auto download of podcasts on a site called, “Books on the Night Stand.” I listened to one from the Nutrition Diva on my PC.  Then checked and downloaded it on my Apple phone. 

Basically, I would say to just Google podcasts and go from there.  They are usually less than an hour, much shorter than an audio book, so might be ideal for travel. 


Anonymous said...

One of my favortie podcast is "Stuff You Missed In History Class." Sylvie

Linda said...

Sylvie, I saw that one. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll set it up.