Sunday, November 04, 2012

Royalite typewriter



Actually, the typing looked better than my sample.  Although I think the keys need cleaning. 

I know…what I am doing with this typewriter.

The Rev. Richard Taylor’s estate auction was today.  Rev. Taylor  lived in the Berryton community for many years.  He was a lobbyist for the Kansas Legislature.    More about Rev. Taylor another time.

I did not expect to buy anything at the auction, but picked up a number just in case.  We were standing near a table in the process of being sold when a Navy issue wool blanket came up for sale.  Only one other person bid and I got it for $10.  Amazingly, there are no moth holes.  It currently is in the deep freeze where it will stay for a couple weeks.  That will kill anything lingering.  It might go in the camper—there is no warmer blanket for the weight.

Then I bought Rev. Taylor’s WWII Navy officer government issued coat and overcoat  for $3.  I think I will dry clean the overcoat.  It is in excellent condition—wool with no holes.  For anyone looking for vintage, it is a find.  I might try Ebay.

What about the typewriter?  $2.50.  Well, I was on a roll and it is in like new condition,  has a case,  instruction book and guarantee with the date of purchase (5-31-60).  It too will go on Ebay. 

One last thing on the typewriter.  Remember those typing tests where accuracy was so important?  I have been reminded that correcting an error is time consuming and tacky.  And, we’ve totally taken cut and paste for granted.

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