Monday, November 05, 2012

Daniel C. Fitzgerald writes Kansas

As promised, this started out to be about the Reverend Richard Taylor, our own Berryton person of history.  I got sidetracked.

A simple search for Rev. Taylor brought up Daniel Fitzgerald’s web site. That was over an hour ago. 

Fitzgerald has written three books on ghost towns of Kansas.  His top ten list is here.  After writing three books on ghost towns of Kansas, he wrote, “Ghost Towns of Kansas: A Travelers Guide.”  Definitely, this needs further research.  Dan and I enjoy Kansas travel.

He writes about his travelers guide book here where he also has a list of all the ghost towns in his publications.  (To my cousins:  Skiddy is not included)  Richland, our four-mile-away ghost town is not included, but it is a Clinton Lake casualty.  Probably towns forced out of existence because of a Corps of Engineer reservoir is a book of its own. 

Then, I see Mr. Fitzgerald is starting a new web site.  So, I began checking it out and came upon this article entitled, “Top Ten Kansas Locations” located here at the bottom of a list of other interesting articles.

It is refreshing to read articles written by someone who knows and loves Kansas. 


Ontario Wanderer said...

Some interesting reading - I drove through Topeka as I left the state back in June of 66 and saw the destruction. My father helped clean up in Udall and never went to the basement after that during storms as some people drowned in their basements because their houses fell on them. He said he would prefer to be knocked in the head to drowning.

Daniel Fitzgerald said...

Thanks for the nice plug!

I will be following your travels. Be safe.