Sunday, October 07, 2012

KSU/KU football and camping

October is our favorite time of year to camp considering fall colors and temperatures.  So, when our neighbors, Christi & Tom, called when the football tickets went on sale wondering if we would like to go with them and Christi’s folks to the game and camp out the weekend, we jumped on the plans.

What fun!   The football game turns out to be exciting.  KU makes an interesting first half but KSU prevails in the second half.  Mutual friends Lucille and Larry come over after the game and help us eat the Milk Can stew.  We end up playing cards until late.  Dutch Oven breakfast casserole this morning. Treasure hunting.  First Geocaching then Christi’s fantastic find where the water has receded from the drought in the Tuttle Creek lake area. 

Oh, and it was cold!  Who would have thought when we planned this in 100 plus temperatures this summer that we would be seeing 27 degrees on our thermometer this morning!  Thanks to thinking ahead, we had shelter from the wind and a warm outdoor heater.  Both our campers have furnaces so we stayed toasty to sleep.

I have pictures.  However, my SmugMug website is temporarily down.  As soon as it is back up and running, I will put up a link to the slide show.  You’ve got to watch it just to see Christi’s big find!

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