Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just Good Trade displays

Just Good Trade is our niece Amy Kay’s Free Trade store in Jacksonville, Illinois.  We hopped up to see Amy Kay, Sebastian, Atticus and Dane after leaving the Hermann area.  It is only about a one and half hour drive.

Despite on and off drizzle rain, we helped with a couple projects for Amy Kay’s store.  One was to haul a door jam and door taken from a remodel project in a local church to the store.

If she would have asked me for suggestions to display the merchandise, probably the last thing I would have thought of would have been an old door.  But it fits very well with the used furniture she is using for her displays. 

photo (4)   Amy Kay and Atticus figuring a sale and Sebbie modeling a warm hat.

2012 10 Atticus

2012 10 Sebbie

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