Thursday, October 11, 2012

Joker – A Marble/Card Game

Joker Rules
Point of game—get all five marbles from one home to another much like Parcheesi.
Four people – two decks of cards—partners across the board (can be played with 6 or even 8 people but requires a different board)
Each person gets five cards.  After a play with a card, draw back to five
All face cards and Ace brings a marble out—if used to bring marble out, no moves are made with the card.
Moves on board:
Face cards 10 moves
Eight card only moves backward
Seven card can be split between two marbles
All other cards move according to their number
Joker: player who plays a joker can either replace partner's marble with own or send opponent marble home.
Marbles are sent home if landed on by opposing team's marble in a move determined by a card.
Marbles landed on by own team get sent to base of home row—an important fact when using the Joker for partner's benefit.
The board uses five marbles for each player. From the place where marbles are moved out, there are eight moves to the right and ten moves to the left.
If partner gets all marbles home, all subsequent moves are for partner.
It only takes one round of play to see benefits of certain plays that are too hard to explain here. Most important is to get the board right. (The picture is deceiving, the board is square)  If anyone wants the plan, let me know. I will cut a paper the size of the board and mark the marble spots & mail it to you. Or, if close by, Dan would make one for you. It is a fun game with just enough strategy to be interesting.
Thank you Kay & Lynn for bringing this game to us from Arizona.

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