Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Debate on a feed

It would seem as if I have my head in the sand if the Presidential debates aren’t at least mentioned. 

As we all know, Twitter has made its mark in today’s news reporting.  News feeds on that site from troubled areas of the world are now almost expected.  After the first debate, there were summaries of trends on Twitter which made me curious.  So, tonight I brought up a direct feed of the debate on the computer where I mostly listened but watched if an interesting point came up.  Then I also brought up TweetDeck with a column showing only the #debate feed. 

There were two times particularly when the comments were so quick and numerous that there was no way they could all be read.  The first was when Gov. Romney mentioned “binders full of women” and the second was when Pres. Obama said “gangbangers.” 

My assessment of this way of taking in the debate is people who tweet about this sort of thing fall into two categories, trying to be cute and supporting their candidate.  Still, it was interesting and maybe worth a try.


Ontario Wanderer said...

You are ahead of me on Twitter use. I look occasionally but find most of the information of little use and I can never find the "feed" that I am really interested in. Maybe if I were more interested in popular trends I would work harder at it?

(Now to check to see if I am a robot or not. Seems somedays I am and somedays I am not.)

Anonymous said...

Linda...so tired of politics! Last night they both repeated what we've heard a zilliion times. I think we'll all be ready for this to be over. Sylvie