Sunday, October 21, 2012

Daniel Boone Conservation Area

As I mentioned, the Conservation Area is a new find unbelievably near to the Hermann vineyards.  It was nearly dark and damp when we arrived Friday night.  But, what a surprise Saturday morning to wake up to brilliant fall colors all around us. 

IMG_1827 We enjoyed two nights parked in this spot.   Saturday night all our group came out and sat around the camp fire until 11:00. Thankfully, we were able to stream the KSU game or I am sure we would have lost a couple of people earlier.

This conservation area was originally donated a former Conservation Commissioner A.P. Greensfelder.  Later purchases brought the area to its current size of 3,520 acres.  There is a seven mile hiking trail and several fishing ponds. Deer hunters were plentiful so we didn’t explore—maybe another time.

Here we are enjoying a bottle.

IMG_1818  It is a good group—lots of laughs. 

A last minute side trip has us in Jacksonville, Illinois tonight. More on that tomorrow.

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