Thursday, September 20, 2012

Moon Marble Company

Our friends Kay and Lynn enjoy local attractions when they visit each fall.  Yesterday we visited the Moon Marble Company in Bonner Springs.  This is always an interesting visit, although we haven’t been there since my birthday in 2006

The last time we visited, the owner of Moon Marble Company, Bruce Breslow was our demonstrator.  Our grandchildren were younger then and he seemed to love kids and his demonstration was geared to them.

I feel we were honored to have Sara Sally LaGrand demonstrate how she crafts her beads yesterday.  She has been making jewelry for 12 plus years.  She has studied with glass workers in the States as well as Italy.  She shared the history of glass making as well.

Glass making dates back to 3500 BC in Mesopotamia.  It was the Roman Empire that began using glass.  Ms. LaGrand told us artistic glass making in Italy was centered in Venice, but the president of that city decided the activity should be located on the island of Murano so one of the hot kilns would not burn down the city.  The glass made there was known for its purity of ingredients. 

After this brief history lesson, we moved on to making a small marble with a little frog on top.

Moon Marble Co 1  Moon Marble Co 2

I purchased one of Ms LaGrand’s stick pins.  It will be my new fall accessory. I am excited to have one of her creations.   Tomorrow morning I will add a picture.


This whimsical little mouse—or is it a cat-- with a cup on its head is hand made by melting imported Italian glass and then gently shaping it before it gets too cool.   It is a stick pin so it will probably show up all winter on my scarves. 

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