Monday, September 10, 2012

Huff & Puff Balloon Rally 2012

It has been years since we attended the Huff & Puff.  I had forgotten how beautiful it is.  Our friends from Arizona, Lynn and Kay are parked at the Lake Shawnee campground.  They invited us in on Friday night for the “glow.”  Definitely aptly named.  Truly beautiful. 

Then Saturday midmorning, Lynn called to say a camp spot was open in the sold out Lake Shawnee camping area.  We threw the camper on the truck and took off. We couldn’t believe our good fortune—just down the way from Kay & Lynn and also a beautiful view of the lake.  And, we were right there for the early morning launch on Sunday.
These are some of my favorite pictures—and one for Drue.  Click on this link if the slide show doesn't show up on your view of this post. 

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