Monday, September 03, 2012

Christmas in July

Last spring we were shopping at our favorite store—Cabalas—when we noticed the tent cots on display.  We thought they might make a good Christmas present for all the grandkids.  When the parents agreed, we then thought what a crime it would be to give them camping equipment in the middle of the winter.

Consequently, they all received their Christmas gifts in July.

As it turned out, everyone used them over the Labor Day weekend.  This is our Colorado family, Carly, Drue and Trent with Doug taking the picture.

photo (1) And, this is their camp set up.

photo (2)

Doug & Drue opted for a double tent cot, thinking the kids might invite friends to go with them camping.  Looks like there is plenty of room in that thing.

photo-1 Dan and I went camping with our three local boys, Aaron, Adam and Evan, last night as well.  This site greeted me as I peeked out the door this morning.  The chair in the middle is where I sat supervising last night.  There seemed to be a little problem with settling down.  It is totally unlike me, but I don’t have one picture of all of them around the campfire. 

We received good reviews all around.  It does get them up off the ground.  They are neat inside with cup holders and places to put things. 

There are two downsides as far as I can see.  First, they are very heavy.  The smaller kids could not lift them when they are folded up.  Second, if they are closed up tight with someone sleeping inside, they accumulate moisture on the inside top.  I think they might need a little cross ventilation, which is no problem in the summer.  It could be different when it is cold.  

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