Thursday, September 27, 2012

An extra ordinary week

What’s going on?  Well, Dan is working on a platform for a small shed. I’m still trying to clean out several closets, but not too enthusiastically. I helped Kim out by staying with the boys until she could get home as Marc was out-of-town. We ran to town for groceries.

Our retired friends Kay and Lynn are parked back at Lake Shawnee campground.  They had a busy week planned before they head back to Phoenix.  Even though Lake Shawnee is a little out of the way, it certainly does not qualify for out in the sticks like here.  We will get together to play Joker again before they leave because even after at least three or four nights of playing this game, we are still tied.  (Joker deserves a post all of its own)

Today was my friend Carole’s last day at the Berryton Post Office.  Tomorrow we are having a little retirement get together for her.  The end of last month my friend Sue also retired from her rural route as well.  I spoke briefly with Carole today and ask her how she felt about driving her route for the last time.  “Weird” was her reply.  Her voice sounded a little—just a little—sad.   Sue expressed something similar at her party.

Nearly everyone I know who isn’t already retired, expresses excitement at the prospect of less responsibilities.  Speaking for myself, though,  the daily mail delivery was challenging.  The feeling of being of service to many people each day was fulfilling.  That taken away left a small nagging thought that I am no longer needed.  That maybe I’m now “put out to pasture.”   That feeling lasted—maybe a week.  It left about the time I watched a rainy, cold day out my window with a warm cup of tea in my hands.  

Congratulations to Sue and Carole who will also put “rural carrier retired” after their names.  From now on, their weeks will be extra ordinary like mine this week because they can do all those things they’ve wanted,  even maybe clean out a closet.

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