Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Air conditioning – Off

I thought it would be a cool or at least cooler day this morning.  It is September 12th, fall is around the corner.  For these reasons and the fact that we are supposed to have cooler weather the rest of the week, I turned the air conditioning off this morning.

Somewhere along the line, we were told to leave air conditioning on once it is turned on.  So, we have always followed that rule.  For one thing, it keeps the humidity low in the basement.  Rather than temperature, it might be the humidity all over the house that requires catching up when the windows are opened at night. 

Once we turn it off, though, we usually keep it off.  Unless we have a stretch of weather that is just too unbearable.  I do enjoy fresh air in the house.

Right now, I think I hear thunder.  I talked to Doug in Colorado and he said it was so cool and damp out there he actually was thinking of building a fire.  Even though those 100 plus temperatures are still on my mind,  I know I would love a fire if chill is in the air. 

What I am ready for most of all is to have fall days where it’s cooler outside than inside the house.  And, with that fall feel that makes this time of year my favorite.

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