Monday, August 06, 2012

iPhone for 99 cents

Last week I read Apple is selling bunches of iPhones—nothing new there, except they are older models.

I thought, “Really, is an iPhone  necessary for Dan and I?  All we use the phone for is call and text.  Still it would be handy for travel.”

So, I checked out AT&T web site.  I couldn’t believe it, a new iPhone 3G S for 99 cents.  In order to get that price, it either has to be a new line or an upgrade.  We had an upgrade available.  So….


It’s no wonder people walk around looking at their phones.  This is a little computer right in my hand.  Never known for being hesitant, I immediately plugged it in to my Windows computer running iTunes and synced.  Before I realize what happened,  all the songs in iTunes downloaded into it.  This phone doesn’t have a huge amount of memory and all the songs about filled it up. I then had to get all the songs back out.  Accomplished.

I did not accomplish downloading the contacts from my old Samsung phone, though.  Finally, it became apparent a trip to the AT&T store would be necessary. 

They saw me coming.  Oh, “no problem” they said.  And, it wasn’t.  According to them the real problem was that I didn’t have any protection around the phone and over the face.

I let them talk me into a cover for this 99 cent phone that they assured me would cost over $300 to replace.  That’s when I spent another $50 just for covers.  Had I checked around there are probably covers for these slightly outdated phones just laying around. Right now it appears AT&T came out the winner on this one.  Still, I’m excited about my new phone.


Ontario Wanderer said...

My $50 case only lasted a year as I remember. I bought a much less expensive one at Future Shop that is still doing fine. You can probably upgrade the operating system. My 3G is now up to 5.1.1 via iTunes. Looking forward to an upgrade this fall if the new phones come out then.

Linda said...

OW, I'm kicking myself over that case. One good thing it isn't too bulky. I just checked & the phone is 5.1.1. Thanks for the tip, though.