Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dubois Wyoming and Brooks Lake

I received an email from a friend asking where we were in Wyoming. 

We were in Dubois, Wyoming.  Dubois is almost straight west of Jackson, as the crow flies.  Getting to Jackson requires driving around a mountain range, but is only a little over two hours away. 

Ken and Doneita are retired.  Doneita worked for the school district and Ken was self employed as a taxidermist for many years.  They have beautiful mounts in their home.  Some of Ken’s work is in the National Big Horn Sheep Center that is nearly across the road from their home.

This is my favorite.  The small deer was hunted by their daughter.

IMG_1389-1 It seems as if this turned head mount is watching from any angle.


This is a well done mount at the Sheep Center.   I am not sure if this is Ken’s mount.  The Center is an interesting stop especially if you are like me and know very little about Big Horn Sheep.


In this final post about Wyoming, I want to mention Brooks Lake, a natural lake near Dubois.  I posted a picture earlier but did not identify the location.  We spent a day at the lake  enjoying it’s quiet beauty.


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