Monday, August 06, 2012

A roadtrip with a lot of harmony

Dan and I made a last minute decision to experience a real honest to goodness southern gospel sing.  So, it was off to south central Missouri again—Lebanon, this time. 


Here is an example of the music,  “Less of Me” by the Oak Ridge Boys.

This song is not written by Albert  Brumley.  It is in the southern gospel style—close harmony and string instruments.  I also like the lyrics.  So many southern gospel songs are about dying.

Here could be the most recognizable A.E. Brumley song, made famous by the movie, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou.

Isn’t the harmony beautiful with Gillian Welch and Alison Krauss.  I think Willie Nelson also sang it. 

The “Sing” started on Thursday and ended on Saturday night. We only stayed for the one evening, but according to the program, there were no duplicate singing groups at any of  evening performances. We arrived just in time for the Friday evening sing, starting at 7:00 pm with a rowdy bluegrass group that had everyone up and clapping right away.  Then five more groups plus a comedian in the middle.  When everyone was finished, all but the first group and comedian came back for a two song encore.  At midnight, it wrapped up, but I had the feeling it wouldn’t have taken much encouragement to get some of the groups to continue.  Singing this music is obviously a labor of love.  It was a fun evening. 

The groups seemed to all have fancy buses


We stayed in the parking lot with a few other somewhat less fancy buses (we’re on the left).  We think the middle is a tractor pull arena.


Southern music, boon docking in the parking lot and then wake up in the morning to a woodchuck not far away!  It all fit.


From Lebanon we moved west through Missouri to Chanute, Kansas to meet up with long time friends yesterday and this morning.

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