Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Food

I was thinking about Mom cooking  harvest meals today.  A couple weeks ago wheat harvest would have been in full swing.   Mom would be up early dressing a couple chickens to fry.  She would have her bread dough rising by 8:00 am and then preparing fruit for a pie.  I might be stemming green beans that I picked from the garden. These were meals for the “men.”  That’s what she said when she cooked for everyone helping with harvest.  I remember thinking this is the best meal ever, especially when we took it to the field and ate like a picnic.

I don’t fry my own chicken much anymore.  If we have it, it is more likely take home from KFC or Dillons.  Really though,  it isn’t all that hard to fix a harvest meal.  We have bread machines, chickens all cut up ready to fry and gravy mix that almost tastes like the real thing and readymade pie crusts.

Still, it will never taste as good as Mom’s. 

This brings me to the chicken I have thawed out in the refrigerator.  I was going to cook and bone it for chicken enchiladas.  Which, actually sounds pretty good.  But, thinking of Mom today and in memory  her hours of cooking in a hot kitchen during this busy time of year, I might just have fried chicken. 

Maybe even a pie—actually, I doubt if I make the pie.   I can make a pretty good pie but we don’t need the calories.

After we had the fried chicken dinner, I had this whole conversation with my friend Sue.  She said her family was planning an old fashioned fried chicken dinner for 4th of July.  So, we decided to compare our friend chicken dinners.

This is my fried chicken and gravy.  The mashed potatoes look dry and the gravy lumpy.  Not my best effort.

IMG_0628Here is Sue’s

293194_10150916739642479_1817536931_n  What a layout.   The gravy in the bread bowl would have been my favorite.  What is that in there, though?  Dill in the gravy?  Looks good, but not sure about the seeds.   

Still, I think Sue wins this one just for the gravy bread bowl.   And, I bet she had a home made pie someplace. 

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Anonymous said...

I just had to comment on the harvest dinners. Things have changed at least in this operation. It is only sandwitches, chips, cookies, anything that is ate with one hand as they do NOT stop!! I am lucky to get them to pause long enough for me to hand the cooler up to them! No one ever has an appetite it seems. I do remember taking a card table to the field for the meals years ago. Ruth