Saturday, July 28, 2012

Small Chicken houses

Last spring we stopped by Orscheln Farm & Home to look at the baby chickens.  They had a couple very small chicken houses on display that caught my interest.  They were big enough for just 3 or 4 chickens.  Even though I wised up and decided no to chickens, these little coops are the slickest things.

We were zipping down the road in route to the float trip last Sunday when all of a sudden Dan said, “You’ve got to see this.” and flipped a U at the next turn around.   He knew I would be excited about all these little chicken house designs.    They were closed so I had to settle on just looking through the fence. 


The one below would probably hold a few more than four.  Check the weathervane.  Actually, I see they all have weathervanes.


This is my very favorite.   


I don’t care how fancy their house, I doubt if the chickens would feel much like laying eggs in this heat.  So, we would be feeding four spoiled chickens in their overpriced house just for a little fertilizer.

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Ontario Wanderer said...

We are up to 7 hens and one rooster now. Lovely to have fresh eggs! The 4 older hens are not laying too often but we are enjoying having a lot less ticks so we are keeping all of them. (Besides, neither of us want to kill the old chickens.)