Wednesday, July 25, 2012

North Fork Pictures

What a fun two days on the river! (Click picture to start slide show or here is a link for iPads )

Despite over 100 degree temperatures, the river was cool, even cold.  There were many stops and relaxing floating. 

Sunburst Ranch, where we stay,  is on a horseshoe bend of the river.  Our float crafts are transported up the river and Sunburst is a perfect end to day one float.  Day two we start when everyone gets around.  We are picked up down river and the day is about an hour shorter float.  The first day has more springs and the famous falls, the only fairly serious rapids on the river.  Day two the water moves a little faster and has the old spring fed  falls.  We scraped the bottom of our canoe a little, but no walking the canoe through any part of the river. 

Here is a short video of the falls.  It is spring fed and very cold.


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