Thursday, July 12, 2012

Farm Auction

The posted starting time is 9:30 am, Saturday, July 14th.   However,  all items could be viewed today between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.  We are sure the truck with only 35,000 miles will go for far more than we are willing to pay.  Especially after we looked at it.  It is clean and well maintained.  We are planning on watching it sell, though. 

We don’t go to auctions often.  We already have enough.  However, for some reason,  there is a draw to be able to see another person’s entire life’s work and play all in one place. 

As I walked around the tables, I thought again how quickly a lifetime of possessions are gone.  Fishing equipment, hunting supplies,  a fifth wheel RV.  Farm equipment and supplies.  By Saturday evening it will all be gone. 

Dan’s Mother stayed in the house during their auction.  Watching their lifetime of farming disappear out the driveway was too difficult.

I saw the widowed owner today sitting in a chair in front of a fan.  She looked exhausted.   I am sure she is, in more ways than one. 


Tanya said...

Love this post for so many dad died of cancerin December of 2004. I don't remember when the farm auction was exactly, but I want to say about a year prior to his passing. Anyway, we were a "green" only as in John Deere. On the day of the auction, Heritage JD brought out a gator for my dad to drive around/ride in as he wouldn't have the stamina to walk around the entire time. The auctioneer had my dad get in every truck and tractor as it came up for bid, and my dad would start it and turn it off for one last time. PRICELESS!!

Linda said...

I am so glad you shared this experience. I think especially in a farm community, there are many people who come to auctions with no intention of bidding. Rather they are showing support for the sellers.