Sunday, July 08, 2012

Corn – 82 days exactly

Back on April 18th, I posted this statement and picture:

“Seven rows of corn planted.  If it matures in exactly 82 days, it will miss the 4th of July by four days.  Maybe we’ll luck out with a few early ears.”

Photo Apr 18, 4 54 24 PM 

It’s 82 days later today. 


It was ready exactly on the day with a few early ears for the 4th.  Kim & Marc came down this morning and we picked, shucked, blanched and bagged up all of it.  It’s in the freezer as I write.  Well, just about all.  Evan loves corn on the cob.

Dan only had to relocate two raccoons this year.  Now, if we could just keep the deer from eating off the top of our sweet potato plants.

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