Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where to start now that it is over

Let me begin by saying it was a fun weekend, busy but fun.

First, last Friday both Aaron and Adam had string concerts to wrap up their Orchestra camp week.  I know I’ve said this many times, but the orchestra instructors at Shawnee Heights where our grandkids attend are excellent.

Friday night we were invited for dinner in the home of friends.  We had kabobs, something I should attempt do more with the fresh garden produce.  They are tricky but Pete and Debby’s were done to perfection.

Saturday Dan’s family had a get together in Stanley Kansas.  We were late getting there because…

I was wrapping up a batch of canned green beans when I heard two beagles with the signature  “rabbit in pursuit” whiny-bark .  I know that sound well from our many years with Lucy.  These two dogs had no collar, seemed a bit confused (other than the rabbit they kept harassing) and were very friendly.  After giving them a much needed drink, we took them to our neighbors who have a dog pen.  We’re pretty sure they are dumped.  Too bad as these are beautifully marked beagles  and obviously know how to hunt rabbits. 

Anyway, it was fun to see Laura Lea who was back from Austin as well as the other nieces and nephews.

Then it was on to the “Pork and Pie” festival at Lone Star.  They had a little car show and we backed in our Camaro.  The pie was delicious—I was too full for the pork sandwich.

Today we ate lunch at Kim & Marc’s.  They had company yesterday and we got to help with the leftovers—we’ll take those anytime.  They made a marinated green bean salad—I’ll have to share that recipe later.  After lunch it was on to town for a couple errands. 

All is well that ends well.  We decided to watch the sun go down at the pond. 


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