Monday, June 25, 2012

Update on rogue beagles


As I said last night, these two guys came into our yard unannounced and uninvited on Saturday morning.  They’ve been in Tom & Christi’s dog pen since then.  This morning we decided we needed to take them to the animal shelter. 

After one chewed up neck pillow and two even more deaf elders caused by the baying racket in the back seat, we made it to the Lawrence Humane Shelter. 

The first thing the young lady said when she checked us in is, “Did you find these in the upper part of Clinton Lake?  I think they’ve been here before.” 

Good news, they might find their way home.  They were sweet boys but I believe they’ve been used to hunt.  If their owner doesn’t claim them in three days, they will be neutered and put up for adoption.  That won’t have a happy ending, because unless they are penned up they will be absent most of the time, following their nose.

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