Sunday, June 10, 2012

Symphony in the Flint Hills 2012

The Kansas City Symphony began their 2012 concert  with  “An Outdoor Overture” by Aaron Copland.  It reminded me of the prairie.  Surely Mr. Copland experienced a warm, sunny, breezy, or windy depending on perspective, Kansas flint hills day to write this music—straight  forward with undertones of whirling and dancing.P6090208


The symphony flags were straight out most of the day as were hats, chairs and blankets.  My straw hat, tightly secured on my head with a  bolo tie, picked up a butterfly which stuck with me the whole day.  Well, almost.

Photo Jun 09, 8 39 27 AM 

Our volunteer time was 12:30 until 6:30 pm so the educational programs all conflicted with our schedule. My responsibility was to be available to answer questions in the vast hillside seating area.  It was fun to interact and catch the upbeat spirit of the day.  What was the most asked question?  “Where’s the beer tent?”

I don’t have any interesting facts to report about the flint hills this year.  There is a thank you gathering for volunteers in the fall and this year some of the speakers will repeat their presentations.  Also, I look forward to reading my Field Journal which also covers many of the topics such as the Flint Hills Natural History, The Kanza Rail-Trail Controversy and The Flint Hills Nature Trail.  By the way, the Field Journal is for sale at the Symphony web site.  It has amazing illustrations and is extremely well done.

Once again the music was beautiful.  My favorites were “Western Suite” by Elie Stiegmeister and “The Cowboys Overture” by John Williams, which I think they should play each year.  (These are YouTube links and a free way to listen to the selections.)

Here are a couple more pictures of the day. 



IMG_0420 - 1 Copy

People will say sunsets over the ocean are beautiful.  They haven’t seen one over the Flint Hills of Kansas.


Anonymous said...

Love the sunset picture. And I think Kansas sunsets are awesome. Sylvie

Linda said...

Sylvie, thanks:) You have seen many flint hills sunsets having grown up right out there in them.