Thursday, June 28, 2012

Laura, the feral cat

We've had Laura for several years now. I've written about her before, but to refresh her background, Laura was trapped in Kansas City, neutered and put up for adoption. Had we not adopted her, she would have been released into the same area she was caught. For those who work in the program, her clipped ear tells her story. We think the trap/neuter/release program in Kansas City is worthwhile. It keeps the cat population down as well as rodents.

 We had to keep her in the barn for a month. She would have tried to return to home had we not resat her territory in this way. For months, we would occasionally see her out and about, but ran when she saw us. Gradually, she has become tame enough to let us pet her. She loves to be around us and will even jump up into Dan's lap. However, a quick move toward her and she is gone.

 I decided to put this quirky picture of her in the Lawrence Journal World pet contest. She would appreciate your vote!

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