Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Wine Country One Last Time

Warning:  the slide show on this post has more pictures of the 67 Camaro than most probably want to see.  The comments on the different winery pictures have the pairing if you feel one more picture of the yellow convertible has got to be the end. 

We are not nor have ever been owners of flashy cars—except for this ‘67.  We probably got the most waves going down the road from motorcycle riders.  But, that might have been because the small pop up tent camper we were pulling is actually a retro motorcycle trailer, Kwik Kamper. (We took this little camper to Texas behind our Corolla last year to see the Blue Bonnets, as well)  

Of course, many are interested in or also own classic cars so there are always opportunities for conversation.  This happened at almost every winery stop.  On Saturday, we followed a group of young girls celebrating a birthday.  The more wineries we visited, the more they tried to talk Dan into letting them ride in the back seat, even to the point of taking pictures.  I think he enjoyed those conversations as much as what was under the hood.

It is noticeable in the pictures that one hubcap is missing.  On the way to Hermann on I70, we hit a pot hole and the resulting noise was exactly as Dan predicted—we lost a hubcap.  At the time, we were both disgusted and did not go back.  The more we thought about it, we decided to try to find it on the way home.  We knew pretty much where it happened.  Sure enough, there is was—along with an assortment of other hubcaps.  I am sure there were more there, but Dan stopped looking when he found ours.

The recipes will be on down the line. 



Pablo said...

I know so many of those spots in Hermann. (For my money, though, the '69 Camaro was the peak of its design perfection.)

Linda said...

Pablo, Dan & Doug know the finer points, but I know I like all 1st generation models.