Sunday, May 06, 2012

We’re home!

It was quite a ride getting here, though.  It started raining just east of Kansas City and continued through Lawrence.  At one point in Kansas City I was frantically looking for a gas station pump cover to park under because I thought I heard hail.  Dan didn’t think it was so we kept going. 

Everything stayed totally dry, including the little tent camper we were pulling.  When we arrived here at home, it was a shock to find it was completely dry after the downpour we had been through.  It is thundering as I write, so maybe we’ll get a little something.  Everything in “in” so I can sleep without worry.

I have a few pictures.  My good camera is on the blink.  I used my little pocket one so not totally happy with how they turned out.  However, it does pretty good for a cheapie.

I am tired tonight.  Will upload a few more tomorrow.  I like this one so I’ll end with it. 



Anonymous said...

Wow...that car is looking good with the top down. I bet it was fun cruising around! Doug

Linda said...

Doug, we went through a lot of gas just cruising around. Made trips to a couple small nearby towns just to drive on the winding MO roads.