Thursday, May 10, 2012

Treating my spring cold—then & now

It seems every spring I get a cold.  It makes me wonder if I am developing an allergy. 

How did we get by before Day and Night medicine to keep the nose clear?  I especially wonder right now because the day pill has worn off and if I take the night one, I will be asleep right here at the key board.

I do know what we did before pills.  We used Vicks nose drops.  This was the drug of choice for colds at our house when I was a kid.  Somehow I think I used something like it with our kids as well.  Ever wonder what is in those nose drops?  It was such an odd thing to put the drops in the nose and feel them run down the back of the throat. 

Vicks has a web site that contains a timeline of their products through the years.  I tapped on 1940’s, no nose drops.  1950’s again no drops.  By the 1960’s they had the nose spray and were probably phasing out the drops.  At no point on this timeline was there a bottle of Vicks Nose Drops.  Isn’t it curious that they would completely leave this common home remedy off their timeline?  Unless….there was alcohol in it. 

I’m guessing there was alcohol and some camphol. 

At any rate, I will now just pop a night pill and sleep stuffy free until morning when I will then take a day pill.  All of this without even rubbing anything on my chest.  Although  the Vicks VaperRub and warm damp wash clothe was especially nice.  Or, dropping the Vicks into a pan of boiling water and while hovering under a towel, let the steam do its work.

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