Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Living like family

What a beautiful spring in Kansas.  I think Dan and I are working outside more enjoying this weather. 

We’re not the only family out and about this spring.  IMG_0023-1Our local coyote pair has become very comfortable around here.  This picture was taken through our bedroom window using  a telephoto lens.  Still, they weren’t that far away.  We are sure they have a den nearby because we hear them yipping and howling. 

This is a sparsely populated area because of the Wildlife and Parks controlled area above Clinton Lake.  I am curious why these wild animals prowl around human population when they have plenty of open areas.  We had a skunk with a den under our barn.  There are deer who daily parade through the yard.  Right now we don’t have a dog so maybe they are just used to us and don’t think much about it.

  We’re just one big happy family around here…..for now.

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