Monday, May 14, 2012

Geocaching 101

Geo, meaning earth and cache, a French word meaning a place to temporarily hide things were combined to name a new activity available to anyone owning a GPS.  Geocaching has only been around since May, 2000, when 24 satellites around the world were activated to greatly improve global positioning system accuracy.  What is now a world wide treasure hunting game started when a computer consultant named Dave Ulmer hid a stash, recorded the coordinates and wrote about it on a technology forum. 

Twelve years later almost to the day, Aaron, Adam and Evan along with Dan and I, trekked through high grass, braving ticks and jiggers to find our first stashes.  It took us a while, after hitting the coordinates, to locate this one.  It must be a popular location because lots of signatures were on the sheet inside the container.

IMG_0040 From here we found another location at a crossroads which had a larger container containing lots of cache.  We had two items to put in so we took two items out and again, signed the sheet. 

Location of the geocaches are on a downloadable application for a cell phone which can be found searching or searching “geocaching” in the app store.

I could get totally hooked on this.  Cemeteries and other public areas are popular caching locations.  Wouldn’t this be a great break from roadtripping to have a reason to walk around these areas especially in small towns.

I do have one more observation on geocaching.  I have a feeling it appeals to some more than others.  Unfortunately, I don’t think Dan is as enthusiastic about it as I am.  Definitely of our three grandboys, Adam was the most willing to poke around under a bridge when it was nearly dark.


pablo said...

I have hidden four caches, and I've found nearly a hundred.

Think about it: You receive messages from outer space telling you where to find hidden treasure. What's not to like about this sport?

Kim said...

We're going to make a cache - too much fun!