Saturday, May 26, 2012

Five sisters and cousins

IMG_0284 - Copy

These five sisters, minus me second from the right, grew up in the house in back.  How it would be to have that many sisters I will never know.  I have my one brother, who was also at the reunion.  Their father and our mother are brother and sister.  I’ve also mentioned this before, but we are actually double related in that their mother and my father are 1st cousins.  Needless to say, we grew up together.

The sisters live all over the United States, but manage to get together for a  reunion once a year.  I think they should be commended for continuing their tradition even after both their parents have passed.

They have activities planned for the entire weekend.  It was fun to be included in part of it.  I received this clip from Kaylene after we left.  You are all the best cousins  and you were our first friends.  Great to see you!



Anonymous said...

Linda, It was so fun to see you this weekend. Mike and I got home this afternoon. We had a great time in Kansas. Sylvie

squire said...

My brothers and sister were much older so I too grew up with cousins like brothers and sisters. You are so right about sharing things with cousins that you would not dare tell even your best friend.