Thursday, May 17, 2012

50 years and a lot of changes


Fifty years ago Dan graduated (and two years later, I did as well) from this high school.  We called it DCCHS (Dickinson County Community High School) back then. 

Had it not been for a devastating tornado in June, 2008, the school would have been pretty much the same as when we graduated.  It is  important to note that I said “graduated” because it was during our four years there that a new school was built—the one that was taken out by twister 46 years later.

Now, almost a repeat of our years in high school, we are celebrating a reunion of that 1962 graduation in another new high school.  We are looking forward to seeing all that has been done.

Dan’s class has wonderful leadership, especially Lynette, who works hard to make his reunions a success.  (They have one every five years). 

Lots going on this weekend.  I will have a report.  If not a complete write up, probably a few tweets.  There was an interesting situation at Dan’s reunion five years ago involving a rat pack.  We’re wondering if we ought to risk parking there again.

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Ontario Wanderer said...

I noticed the name change, CHS instead of DCCHS, a few years ago but never did see why. Do students from outside Chapman no longer go to the school?

Didn't remember when the "new school" of our days went up. I just remember starting in the old school that my mother and grandmother had attended when they were in their student years.