Friday, April 06, 2012

Well hello there, come right in

I’ve written before about my lack of perfection in my home.  When I entertain there always seems to be something embarrassingly out of place that I don’t discover until everyone has left.  Case in point, the shooting target stuck on the window fully decorated with Christmas lights.

So, I post this following picture thankful that no one was sitting at the  kitchen table eating when this little fellow was discovered.  However, just at the time that I did see him, I was talking to Kim.  I hope she laughed rather than roll her eyes, when I loudly exclaimed into the phone, “There’s a tree frog on my bar stool.”


I have two explanations.  Feel free to choose the one that you think fits.  1.  He spent the winter in the geraniums brought in last fall and sitting in nearby south window.  2.  We opened the same nearby south window before putting on the screen. 

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