Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Should I be concerned about this?

Doesn’t appear bad.  An old rubber tire with an even older bed springs on top. 
Except take another look straight down
This is a hand dug well located on a long-time abandon farmstead in the upper wildlife area of Clinton Lake.  As the crow flies, it’s less than a mile from our house.  We came upon it years ago almost by accident.  It is near an access road to the river, but most would never know it’s there.  We wonder how many animals have fallen down this hole at night.  We know where there is a second open well in the same general area, but it is harder to find.   It is covered similarly. 
One of these days we’re going to drop a line down this well and see how deep it is.  Certainly the person who laid the stones up the sides must have been small.  I should ask local elders for more information about these wells. I do know good well water is hard to find in our area.  Most are on the rural water district. 
We’ve always thought the powers-that-be at Clinton Lake know about these, but …..


Pablo said...

Generally, I understand these wells should be sealed so that they aren't avenues for contaminating the groundwater table.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Yes, be concerned. Springs rust and one might just fall through especially if one were a small springy child. I agree with Pablo. It needs a proper seal!!!

Linda said...

Yes, I agree about reporting these wells. The people in charge of the area have changed so many times since the lake was put in that these have probably been forgotten.