Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Peak Physical Therapy and Tom--The Big One comes with a Price

Yesterday our neighbor Tom Price came by with a boat in the back of his truck.  He needed to run his trotline down on the river.  He’s been fishing with his daughter Kate, but she was working.  Dan was game so off they went.

Here are two of the five fish they caught


Impressive fish.  But, this is the second price…in the process of catching them, Dan hurt his shoulder.  It’s evident in the picture that it’s bothering him.

I feared the worst—rotator cuff.  As soon as we got home, he iced, took an Advil and I called our physical therapist.  We set an appointment, at her office, during the day.  Something we don’t usually do because our therapist makes house calls.

So, today it was off to visit daughter Kim, DPT at her Peak Physical Therapy office. 


We got a good report.  With Dan’s range of motion, it was not his rotator cuff.  He did pull  muscles and will need to do his exercises diligently.  Interestingly enough, when Dan broke his collar bone several years ago in an ATV accident, he probably should have had physical therapy after it healed.  It seems there was weakness on that side which probably made him use the side he injured more. 

He is feeling very tired tonight, but thankful no serious injury to his shoulder.  And, I have a fillet of the catfish he is holding in my refrigerator soaking in ice water.   

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Ontario Wanderer said...

I had almost forgotten how big the Kansas catfish were. I seem to remember being fed catfish at the DCCHS on some spring Fridays. One of the better meals.